design management

quality and cost and time savings

Errors and omissions and lack of coordination of design documents prior to construction do occur. Failure to detect them prior to the award of the construction contract may result in the need for issuing costly change orders that could delay the project completion date as well as cause construction disputes. We offer a systematic approach to this problem that will reduce change orders, time extensions and claims so that a successful construction stage of the project will be realized.

Scope of Services

An intensive review of all design documents is made to identify problems with coordination and errors and omissions. Recommendations are then made related to construction feasibility, the availability of labor and materials, and the time required for procurement and construction.

A multi-disciplined team of professionals that ensure that the design documents conform to the following key principles conducts these design reviews.

By using this very systematic approach, our firm is able to identify and minimize the sources of change orders, time extensions and potential claims, thereby ensuring maximum opportunities for the success of the construction phase of the project.

With many major projects, savings of 5-10%, or more, of the total construction cost can be realized by the implementation of this Design Review program.


To enhance design by in-depth independent reviews of the design documents produced by consultant/AE.

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